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Our kids, like most other kids love their toys cars. Its amazing these days how kids quickly grow up, and you turn and think, 'Did I know this when I was their age'.

Our drive and passion for cars is a daily ritual. Our kids enjoy the fantasy of cars from the smallest scale cars to attending club track days.

They get to be part of many kids dreams in seeing race cars go around the track and coming up close and personal with the drivers.

Just seeing the look on their faces as the pit garage doors open is breath taking.

Dad, I want a race car bed!

One day my wife and I were searching for car beds for our three kids, Oliver, Elijah and Sienna. Searching the internet, we could not find any car beds that came close to resembling a real car. All we found were your everyday timber and plywood car beds.

We wanted our kids to experience something special! We wanted to see the same look on their face as the look when the pit garage doors open.

We persevered for months to find a car bed that was as close to the real thing as possible. After finding a renowned medical plastics manufacturer in Europe we found that they can also make what we were looking for.

The look on Oliver's face after receiving an email of the first concept car was priceless. That began our quest to provide the reality in children's dreams.

We love kids. We think back to how we felt as kids and what our wishes and dreams were. Thankfully today, we can pass on our dreams to all the young generation out there.

Our kids sleep much happier these days and for us parents, its bubbles to bed in under 2 minutes. The speed of our kids getting into bed with their new car beds was the reason we chose Fast Asleep as our product brand.

For the kids,

Endree Saade
Fast-Asleep car beds

Below are some images of our cars on track and some of our kids.