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We have a variety of excellent single bed mattresses that are just right for your Fast Asleep kids car bed. With a variety of mattresses choosing the right one for you should be a breeze. These mattresses all come 190mm x 90mm in size.

Bonnell Spring
This mattress is the most popular choice and has proven to be worthy of this due to its durability. The hourglass shape springs are tied together to create a mat and the spring unit connects each spring by a helical crosswise.

The bonnell spring is a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. It is laced together with the cross wire helicals to create a simple inner spring unit.

Pocket Spring Mattress

The Pocket Spring Mattress is rated one of the most comfortable inner spring mattresses for a great night’s sleep. The springs are thin-gauge, barrel-shaped and knotless coils individually encased in fabric pockets of nonwoven fiber.

Our mattresses feature a summer side and a winter side for pleasant and
comfortable sleeping.
Bronze Mattress 17cm


Kids Memory Foam Contour Pillow


Gold Mattress 22cm


Ruby Mattress 23cm


Memory Foam Mattress GOLD 150mm


Memory Foam Mattress RUBY 220mm